A  documentary Film by Tanja Cummings, Germany, 101 min

“LINE 41” documents a Holocaust and Litzmannstadt Ghetto survivor’s return back to today’s Lodz (Poland). Until now, Grossmann had repressed his desire to learn about the fate of his brother he lost contact with in 1942. 70 years later, Grossmann starts a search for his missing brother. His search crosses paths with Jens-Jürgen Ventzki, son of the former Nazi Head Mayor of Lodz. Ventzki is pursuing his family’s dark secret. In tracing their family histories, they inevitably confront each other.

A revealing documentary that explores the history and psychology behind the complex triangle of perpetrators, bystanders, and victims in Holocaust-era Poland during  the German occupation.

Upcoming Screenings 2018

Potsdam, Berlin, Munich, Duisburg, and more.

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