68aTanja Cummings – Master Degree in Philosophy at Free University in Berlin, storyboard artist (feature films/commercials), producer of documentary films, director/producer of several short documentaries and documentation projects with contemporary witnesses; head project manager at the European Association of East-West-Rapprochement (EVA).  „LINIE 41“ is Tanja Cummings’ first feature length documentary film



Marek Iwicki – has worked as camera man and editor for clients/TV stations such as the German ZDF, WDR, Spiegel TV since 2004.







Director and producer: Tanja Cummings

Camera and Editing: Marek Iwicki

Sound Editor/Mixing: Jochen Jezussek (

Colour Correction: Wolfgang Gaube

Music and Sounddesign: Robert Cummings

Second camera: Jakob Weiß, Patrick Lindhof

Title Design: Martin Hirsch

Animation: Martin Hirsch, Roman Blauth

Digital Intermediate: Roman Blauth

Drawings: Tanja Cummings

Musician/piano: Philipp von Rothkirch

Historical Consulting/Research Help: Ewa Wiatr (Universitity of Lodz), Prof. Dr. Krystyna Radziszewska ((Universitity of Lodz), Iza Terela (Muzeum Tradycji Niepodległościowych w Łodzi), Dr. Andrea Löw (Institut für Zeitgeschichte, Munich)

Production Assistents: Magdalena Stefanska, Tamara Jaworowska, Juliana Olesiewicz, Roman Blauth, Patrycja Wasilewska

Translations: Magdalena Stefanska, Tamara Jaworowska, Juliana Olesiewicz, Patrycja Wasilewska, Tanja Cummings, Robert Cummings

Transcriptions: Anna Cummings,  Magdalena Stefanska, Tanja Cummings, Tamara Jaworowska, Juliana Olesiewicz

Legal Consulting: Sophie Mahlo

Subtitling: Anna Cummings, Tanja Cummings

Co-Production: Christian Frosch (Weltfilm GmbH)